Artboard Studio, the new generation designer, allows people to design from any device

The cloud-based Artboard Studio solution, which allows you to pay for what you use and eliminates the use of powerful and expensive devices for design, has emerged as a fast and collaborative tool to be used by Turkey’s new generation designers.

Artboard Studio, which we met at the Startups.Watch event last week, also revealed the new generation way of doing business while telling the story of getting investment from 212 venture capital funds.

Let’s get the “Status Report” first. While talking about a new generation of work, let’s take a closer look at the situation of designers all over the world whose working order is disrupted. Without powerful devices in many workplaces, they had to work without their coworkers. Existing design practices have struggled to meet the urgent needs of the pandemic period. Those who left their jobs faced similar problems while working independently. Applications that required expensive, slow, powerful hardware were far from working. The Artboard Studio solution, which observes this situation very well, has caught a global customer base by responding to customer expectations accurately and quickly.


Mucahit Gayiran, the founder of the startup, defines the new generation designer as follows: “The design tradition that has been going on for years now had to keep up with the rapidly developing and changing marketing world. Too many size differences, too much repetitive work, too much time required. Even Adobe’s tools could not complete these shortcomings, which has been number one for designers for 30 years. Sketch came first and presented interface designers with a more innovative and tailored alternative, Adobe’s indestructible stronghold got its first hawker ball. After that, it wasn’t enough, Figma came and took its users from Sketch. In fact, there was only one thing at the heart of it, speed and interoperability.” Depending on the definition of Mucahit Gayiran, a new generation designer is a designer who can access their content from anywhere and very quickly, can work with crowded teams without communication problems, and can automate some parts of the design work that do not require artistic interpretation. In the new version of Artboard Studio, we will focus on the accessibility, collaboration, and data making sense and automating some repetitive tasks that marketing designers need. Mucahit Gayiran said, “There is data in Artboard Studio’s philosophy and culture,” and continued: “We follow our users very well and try to understand very well what they need or what problems they have. Our priorities will be to implement the most needed features according to the data we have, to develop collaborative technology and to save time for our users by shortening some design processes thanks to artificial intelligence.”


Saying, “The new investment will help us find software developers to complete the features we want to develop such as artificial intelligence and real-time work faster,” Mucahit Gayiran listed his investment goals as follows: “Our first goal is to complete the parts we think we are lacking, as soon as possible by establishing the best team. Our team is currently 15 people, but there are only 3 software developers. Our goal is to recruit back-end and front-end software developers and increase our software team to 10. In the long term, we aim to make Artboard Studio a platform used by all major advertising agencies and companies, where marketing content and even measurements can be made. Afterwards, we want to create an open-source platform and become a system where users can create plugins or content.”


Mucahit Gayiran wonderfully describes the excitement created by the software: “You only realize that what you are doing is beautiful and useful, only by activating it and making it available to people. If your users are happy, you have a chance, if they pay money, you are meeting a need, if they are both happy and giving money, you are on the right track. When we released the first demo version, our users liked us very much, they started using it actively, writing content and shooting videos. When we first asked for money, 174 people bought it in the first month. This showed us that we really did solve a problem. Every month, 50 thousand people from all over the world design using Artboard Studio, we are at the stage where we understand that we are on the right track and need to make better developments.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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