Apple iPhone 12: All the shocking leaks you need to know

With the sheer amount of leaks and information already available about the upcoming iPhone 12, you’d be forgiven for forgetting it hasn’t actually been revealed yet. Apple’s latest smartphone has been delayed from its traditional September release date thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but don’t worry – it’s expected to be released very, very soon.

From incredible camera tech to a brand new screen size, the 12 is looking like a pretty major update. Last year’s iPhone 11 is already one of our best camera phones, but if anything is going to knock it off the list, it’s the iPhone 12. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

iPhone 12: Design

Multiple leaks have suggested that the iPhone 12 range will feature a similar edge-to-edge display (complete with notch) to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The phones are however expected to feature flat edges (unlike the current curved design), in a similar design language to the 2020 iPad Pro.

But perhaps the biggest news is the addition of a new, tiny model, expected to be named iPhone 12 Mini. At 5.4-inches, this will be even smaller than the current smallest iPhone, the 2020 iPhone SE. This could be great news for creatives looking for a truly portable powerhouse, and a refreshing change for those who prefer to use their phone one-handed. The full line-up is expected to be as follows:

  • iPhone 12 Mini: 5.4-inch
  • iPhone 12: 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 12 Pro: 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 6.7-inch

iPhone 12: Features and tech specs

The iPhone 12 line-up is expected to feature Apple’s brand new A14 chip, delivering faster speed and improved power efficiency – which could translate to better battery life. Thanks to the iPhone 12’s delayed release, this is the first time a new Apple chip has debuted inside an iPad. Indeed, the incredibly powerful new iPad Air already boasts an A14 chip, offering 5-nanometer process (which basically means a ton of raw power).

As for the camera, we’re expecting vastly improved autofocus as well as a 3x optical zoom. And another feature from the iPad Pro that could make its way to the iPhone 12 Pro is the LiDAR scanner for even better AR experiences. This is, alas, only rumoured to be hitting the two Pro models of the iPhone 12.

For the first time ever, the entire iPhone 12 line-up is expected to featured OLED displays, with Apple finally saying goodbye to LCD screens. But the screen tech could be even better than that – one of the most on-again/off-again rumours suggests the iPad Pro’s 120hz ProMotion display could also be hitting the iPhone 12. Leakers are at odds about this one, so we’ll have to wait and see.

iPhone 12: Release date and price

Apple itself revealed in a call to investors that the iPhone 12 will arrive “a few weeks later” than normal – suggesting an October release date. But Apple leakers are convinced that the devices will be announced on October 13, which means we might only have two weeks to wait.

As for the price, there are various rumours flying around. According to Tom’s Guide, the entry level iPhone 12 could start at the same $699 price as the current iPhone 11, while some leakers have even suggested the Mini version could enjoy a slight price reduction, starting at $699. But at the other end of the scale, others suggest that if the phones are capable of 5G, there could even be a price hike, with the cheapest iPhone 12 coming in at $750. In short, nobody can be sure. But with this being Apple, no version of the iPhone 12 is likely to come cheap.

While it was disappointing not to see the iPhone 12 during Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event this month, it seems we haven’t got long to wait. And with any luck, the company might even have a “one more thing” up its sleeve (the resurrection of AirPower, perhaps?). But in this strangest of years, nothing is guaranteed – not least Apple’s usually steadfast release cycle. If you want to get your hands on a brilliant iPhone today, check out the best deals below. And don’t forget to swing by the Apple Amazon Prime Day sale for more brilliant offers.

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