Apple export from Konya to Asian countries

Growing in the Beysehir district of Konya, the apple attracts attention with its aroma and quality, and attracts attention abroad as well.

In Beysehir, one of the districts of Konya that has made a name for itself with apple production in recent years, the harvest has started in the gardens.

Apples collected from dwarf apple orchards are sent to the Netherlands, Norway and some Middle Eastern countries, especially to Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Beysehir Agriculture and Forestry Manager Mehmet Kaya told Anadolu Agency (AA) that apple production in the district has gained significant momentum in recent years.

Pointing out that there has been a serious increase in production over the years, Kaya stated that the district has a very ideal climate and soil structure for apple growing, and that apple production is increasing accordingly.

Kaya emphasized that the starking, golden and fuji type apples produced in the district are highly appreciated for their aroma and quality.


Underlining that they want to increase apple production in the district, Kaya said:

“This year, we expect an apple harvest of over 10 thousand tons on approximately 3 thousand decares. Exports are made from Beysehir to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, India and Jordan. This makes our farmers smile. Our apple production yield increased even more compared to last year. Our production, which was around 2,500 decares last year, has approached 3 thousand decares as a region this year. Our future goal will be to further increase our apple production. In this sense, we aim to be the capital of apples. We are taking firm steps on this road as well. We do not have a cold storage, which is very important for apple production. In particular, we want to build two cold storage depots in Golyaka and the district center. We are preparing our projects related to this. We want to implement them as soon as possible.”

Farmer Yavuz Tosalak in Golyaka Neighborhood said that there are 5 thousand dwarf trees in the apple orchard.

Noting that they harvested more than 300 tons last year, Tosalak stated that he hoped the yield would reach even higher levels this year.


Sharing the information that the harvest took about 15 days with 50 workers, Tosalak said:

“There is a great demand for apples grown in our region from abroad. Our product is sent to some Middle East countries as well as the Netherlands and Norway through exporting companies. Our neighborhood has made a good move in apples in the last ten years. There is a continuous increase in yield. Despite the drought, the yield was high this year as well. If our water problem is solved, we will come to better points in production. We grow first-class quality apples in our garden, which are also demanded by foreign countries. Aroma, caliber and taste are also good. The fact that our apple varieties are also more durable and long-lasting than other varieties increases their preference.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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