Antalya welcomes 60 thousand tourists a day

In Antalya, the center of tourism, there was a serious increase in tourists in the first 5 months of the year after the epidemic process. More than 60 thousand tourists come to the city, where an average of 250 planes land on a daily basis, starting from May.

Tourism data in Antalya gives hope every day. The number of tourists in the city also increased in May.

The tourist deficit caused by Russia and Ukraine was closed with alternative countries.

Head of Kemer Promotion Foundation Volkan Yorulmaz said, “Alternative markets gained great importance in this war environment, in a crisis environment. We can say that Germany, the most important market of the Antalya dish, made the difference in one place, England in two. Scandinavian countries again showed great activity.”

An average of 250 planeloads of tourists arrive daily.

On average, more than 60 thousand tourists come to the tourism capital every day. This density is reflected in the airport.

Yorulmaz says that approximately 250 planes land in the city on a daily average.

Target is 11 million tourists

Antalya hosted over 9 million tourists in 2021. This year, the target has been enlarged.

Saying that the number of 11 million will be exceeded this year with the continuation of this rapid increase, Yorulmaz underlined that they had a better season than last year.

Sector representatives in Antalya think that the targeted number can be easily reached with health tourism and alternative centers.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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