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Antalya ranked 1st in housing sales to foreigners

Defined as the “capital of tourism” in Turkey and attracting tourists from all over the world, Antalya has an important potential for foreign investors and housing sales.

Antalya, which is among the important tourism destinations of the world with its sun, beaches, natural beauties, historical and cultural texture, also draws attention with its settled foreign population and foreign investors.

The city, where more than 94 thousand resident foreigners from 90 countries live, attracts investors from 108 countries, especially companies with Russian, German and Iranian capital.

In Antalya, which has a serious potential in housing sales to foreigners, 889 houses were sold in March, with an increase of 52% compared to the same period of the previous year. This figure was considered a record.


Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Davut Cetin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Antalya has been the second after Istanbul for many years in housing sales to foreigners, but according to March data, the city ranks first.

Stating that Antalya has a serious potential in terms of foreign investors, Cetin said, “Although there is an epidemic, Antalya continues its attraction in terms of trade and climate.”

Noting that the increase in housing sales continues with the increase in the number of resident foreigners, Cetin stated that despite the epidemic, the foreigner sees a potential in Antalya and continues to invest.

Stating that ATSO has 4 thousand 800 members with foreign partners, Cetin said, “We are the chamber with the highest number of foreign members in Turkey. A quarter of our members are German, a quarter Russian. Those who come to vacation, research the potential in Antalya and either establish a company or buy housing.”

Davut Cetin pointed out that tourism also positively affected investment and housing sales.

Stating that Antalya is a city for both vacation and investment, Cetin said, “Tourism has a noticeable benefit in attracting foreign investors. Those who come as tourists realize Antalya, so the number of foreign members is very high. Tourism investment also brings.”


Zeki Gurses, General Manager of Antalya Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc. (ASBAS), said that one of the areas where foreign investors show great interest is their region.

Expressing that foreign investors have taken the region under the spotlight in luxury yacht investments, especially with the new investments made in the dock area, Gurses said, “31 of the 83 companies operating in our region have foreign capital. Mainly there are investors from the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Italy and England. There are also demands for investment from different countries.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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