Antalya is the new center in exporting luxurious yachts

Zeki Gurses, the general manager of Antalya Free Zone Management and Investment (ASBAS) said that 83 firms are active in the zone, He said:

‘’Yacht production was started in 2000s at the zone; it is now branded the Antalya Free Zone. 442 yachts were produced in 2019; 18 yachts are added in the first half of 2020, now it is 460. The size of the yachts are very important; 460 yachts are measured as 8 thousand 640 meters and this is a serious number. The total sales value of these yachts reached 1.2 billion dollars.’’

”We expect 35 yachts to be delivered to their owners by the end of the year.”

Gurses said: ”There has been an increase in the yacht orders despite the pandemic. Even though we had our worries, we made progress in the consultations with sector representatives abroad and investor firms. Yachts that are 12-30 meters of length are more in demand.

People’s habits are changing; they have started to abstain from social life and demand for yachts is increasing. the trade volume of the free zone increased by 12 percent in the first half of 2020; our trade volume was 351 million dollars last year, now it has reached 392 million dollars. Firms in the zone have orders from many countries such as Italy, England, USA, Russia, Holland and United Arab Emirates. Italy and Holland have the biggest yacht production in the world, Turkey is third in yacht manufacturing. Our free zone companies also sells yachts to Italy and Holland.

”Luxury yacht owners started to order boats.”

Gurses stated that luxury yacht owners started to buy supportive boats for their yachts; hence supportive boats have been produced along with yachts lately.

According to the statement of Gurses, Antalya free zone also produces coast guard boats; there are two firms specialized in these boats. Coast guard boats are also exported to several countries, especially to Qatar and Oman.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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