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Antalya the “capital of tourism” in Turkey have 94 thousand 294 foreign residents living in it

There are 94 thousand 294 resident foreigners in Antalya, the “capital of tourism” with a population of 2 million 548 thousand 308.

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) Antalya Regional Manager Muhammet Ilyas Uysal gave information about the 2020 address-based population registration system data at the meeting chaired by Antalya Governor Ersin Yazici.

Stating that the population of the city increased by 1.5% compared to the previous year and reached 2 million 548 thousand 308, Uysal stated that Antalya ranks 5th after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa in the list of provinces.

Explaining that 1 million 266 thousand 365 of the population consists of women, Uysal stated that the male population is higher with 50.3%.

Most population is in Kepez

Stating that the highest population is in Kepez with 574 thousand 183 people, Uysal noted that Kepez is followed by Muratpasa with 513 thousand 35 people and Alanya with 333 thousand 104 people.

Uysal stated that the least population was in Ibradi with 2 thousand 947 people, Gundogmus with 7 thousand 492 people in the second place and Akseki was in the third place with 10 thousand 957 people.

Stating that the average age in Antalya is 35.4 for women and 34.6 for men, Uysal said:

“While the annual population growth rate in Antalya was 34.6 per thousand in 2019, it was 14.5 per thousand in 2020. The three districts with the highest population growth rate are Dosemealti, Kepez, and Kumluca. The three districts with the lowest population growth rate were Akseki, Gundogmus and İbradi. 44.5% of the citizens residing in Antalya are registered with the Antalya population. Konya, Burdur, and Isparta follow the people of Antalya respectively.”

94 thousand 294 foreigners live in Antalya

Uysal explained that the number of the foreign population in the city decreased by 8.1% to 94 thousand 294, Russia ranked first, Kazakhstan ranked second, Germany ranked third among the countries with the highest foreign population.

Uysal also gave the following information about the age groups in the city:

“215 thousand 677 people in Antalya are in the 35-39 age group. 28 thousand 776 of the total population in our province are under the age of 1. The number of 4-year-old children is 37 thousand 479, the number of 5-year-old children is 38 thousand 282. The population aged 6-17 was 438 thousand 691. The population aged 18-64 is 1 million 903 thousand 745, and those aged 65 and over are 228 thousand 735.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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