Ankara-Sivas High-Speed Train line opens on September 4

The YHT line between Ankara and Sivas is planned to open on September 4. After the completion of the High-Speed Train, it is aimed to reduce the 12-hour transportation time between the two cities to approximately 2 hours.

Work continues on the High-Speed Train (YHT) project, which covers the distance between Ankara and Sivas and has a length of 393 kilometers.

49 tunnels, 53 viaducts, 217 under and overpasses, 61 bridges and culverts were built on the YHT line.

Performance tests, which started with the completion of most of the YHT line between Ankara and Sivas, continue.

The YHT line is expected to open on September 4.


Providing information about the studies, Transportation Officer-Sen Sivas Branch President Omer Vatankulu said, “Test drives on the Ankara-Sivas line continue. It was conducted on a difficult geography of 393 kilometers. We are now experiencing the last days on the Ankara-Sivas YHT line. I hope the settings are made with the last tests. Presumably, we will bring together all YHT with Yigidolar as of September 4.”

Stating that there were difficulties in YHT studies due to pandemic restrictions, Vatankulu said, “After the completion of the 393-kilometer project between Ankara and Sivas, the 12-hour transportation time between the two cities will be reduced to approximately 2 hours when the two cities are over. We are working hard to bring the high-speed train to Sivas. With the arrival of YHT, faith, siege and cultural tourism will increase and add value to our city.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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