Ambassadors of Arab countries met for the Bosphorus Summit in Ankara

Prior to the 12th Bosphorus Summit to be held by the International Cooperation Platform (UIP), Ankara Embassy representatives of Arab countries came together at the 8th Traditional Ambassadors Meeting.

Ankara Embassy representatives of 18 countries, including the Arab League Ambassador to Ankara Faleh Majed Almutairi, attended the meeting held in a hotel in Ankara.

Speaking at the meeting, UIP Founder Cengiz Ozgencil stated that since the establishment of the platform, meetings have been held with princes, princesses, ministers and representatives from many Arab countries. “As it is in our founding philosophy, we want to strengthen our economic and social relations with friendly and neighboring countries. Ambassadors of Arab countries show great interest in our traditional meeting in Ankara, and this makes us very happy.”

Ersat Hurmuzlu, Co-Chair of the UIP Honorary Board, said, “It is very meaningful to exchange ideas on Arab-Turkish friendship. Politics is not at the center of our work. Our main goal is to develop an economic cooperation and mutual investment environment.”

Ambassador Almutairi stated that the Bosphorus Summit is a very important summit as it establishes links with the private and public sectors every year and said, “Especially the fact that the summit is in the private sector makes the negotiations and the work developed faster. Of course, Turkey is a huge power in the region. As Arab states, we want to be here and learn lessons from Turkey’s economic experience.”

Making evaluations at the event, Palestine’s Ambassador to Ankara Faed Mustafa stated that the relations between Turkey and Arab countries must continue to develop.

Emphasizing that the Bosphorus Summit is very important for the development of relations, Mustafa said, “As a Palestinian, I would like to state that we always give priority to Turkey in our relations.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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