Amazon Project Zero has started to operate in 7 more countries, included Turkey

Project Zero is an enterprise aiming at preventing counterfeit product sales in Amazon market place; the project is started to operate in 7 more countries. According to the statement of Amazon, this project is newly started to operate in Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates; within these new additional 7 countries, Project Zero involves 17 countries in total.

This project integrates the user information with well-developed artificial intelligence technology of Amazon in order to prevent counterfeit product sales; Project Zero is one of the tools operated by Amazon in order to protect the intellectual property of brands.

Amazon has been operating studies and making investments in order to present it’s users with original products; Project Zero was first used in 2019 and is supported by over 10 thousand new enterprises and global brands such as Arduino, BMW, ChessCentral, LifeProof, OtterBox, Salvatore Ferragamo and Veet.

Once a product is confirmed as counterfeit, it will not be listed again

According to statement of Amazon, brands that are already actively using Project Zero will be able to maintain themselves in the newly added marketplaces.

Automatic Protection System of Amazon scans more than 5 billion products daily and determines suspicious itemizations; this system is powered by Amazon’s artificial intelligence technologies.

Project Zero improves brands via it’s own tools and makes it possible for brands to remove the counterfeit items. The removed items are shared with automation protection systems; once a product is confirmed as fake it will not be listed again.

The Specification of Product Serial Number System is available thanks to the unique codes used by brands in production and packaging; this specification helps the product scanning hence confirming the product authenticity.

Even though the Specification of Product Serial Number System is an optional service, brands that are a part of Project Zero reach the best results via this system.

‘’IP accelerator gathers entrepreneurs and expert law firms together.’’

The company presented ‘’Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (ACCU)’’ couple of days ago in order to hold actors responsible under the law and protect customers and brands.

Amazon IP Accelerator makes it possible for firms to get their intellectual properties faster and protects brands within Amazon. IP Accelerator is especially developed for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (KOBI); all enterprises around the globe are able to protect their intellectual properties in USA thanks to this programme. IP Accelerator gathers entrepreneurs and expert law firms in USA together to protect their trademarks. Entrepreneurs are able to make law consultancy under the formerly agreed prices with the law firms via Amazon.

Along with protecting brands’ intellectual property, Amazon Brand Registry also helps brands provide customers with confidential services.  

‘’The programme has operated positively regarding the protection of brands.’’

Dharmesh Mehta, Deputy Manager of Amazon Global Customer Safety that is responsible for Seller Support said:

‘’Amazon keeps operating studies regarding the protection of it’s cooperative brands and customers. Project Zero is a big step to protect the brands, especially those using all 3 services of the project.’’

Adrienna McNicholas, the CEO of Food Huggers said:

‘’The fact that Project Zero will be applied on different marketplaces is great. The programme has operated positively regarding the protection of brands. We are content with the constant studies of Amazon.’’

The automotive brand BMW:

‘’Project Zero is practical and powerful tool protecting our brands within Amazon. We appreciate the Amazon studies related to brand protection.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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