Allianz Turkey is looking for start-ups to cooperate

Applications for HackZone Allianz Open Insurance Program started by Allianz with the aim of increasing and developing cooperation with start-ups. According to a statement from Allianz Turkey, the company continues to support innovative business models and projects with the vision of being the vanguard of a new generation of insurance.

Allianz Turkey started Hackzone Allianz Open Insurance Program with the aim of increasing and developing cooperation with start-ups. The company blazed a trail in the industry by opening its APIs (Application Interface Programs) to start-ups. Hackzone Allianz Open Insurance, a marathon program where start-ups will do design-oriented thinking and coding for 10 days, can be applied to on until November 9.

Within the scope of the program implemented in cooperation with Hackquarters, the venture acceleration and corporate innovation partner of Allianz, the themes on the site where the start-ups will apply and the project ideas they will share using the Allianz APIs will be evaluated.

Hackquarters will share this call on its own network in the program, which is open to all start-ups. After the preliminary evaluation, the shortlisted start-ups will be provided with 10-day training and mentoring support by Hackquarters teams as well as Allianz employees and senior managers. In addition to the award, the winning teams in the final to be held on December 14 will be offered the opportunity to work with Allianz for their projects.

’We aim to carry the innovation needed in insurance forward.’’

Evren Ayorak, the Deputy General Director of Allianz Turkey Information Technologies stated that the link to be established between start-ups and the insurance industry will provide unique benefits for both sides, and said:

‘’Our industry has great potential for start-ups. With the program, we aim to carry the innovation needed in insurance forward. We plan to cooperate with start-ups who identify and work on an important problem or an important need in the insurance industry, and can develop usable and applicable products using Allianz APIs to create a new market and solution.’’

Honor Kırcı, the Executive Vice President of Allianz Turkey Insurance Marketing and Digital stated that the program offered start-ups the opportunity to meet Allianz and Allianz network, PoC and its cooperation, as well as Allianz X, the digital investment company of the Allianz Group, he said:

‘’In addition, we will support start-ups with program and need-specific trainings, mentorship from experts in the field, access to Allianz and Hackquarters networks and scaling. As the only insurance company that shares its APIs with start-ups, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to experience real collaborative design and coding-oriented applications and to collaborate more with Allianz. At the end of the program, we plan to cooperate with successful and powerful start-ups.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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