Alanya Gazipasa airport have resumed International flights

Gazipasa-Alanya Airport is restarting their discontinued international flights; the airport near Antalya is run by TAV Holding.

According to the statement by TAV Holding, the FinnAir plane that came from Helsinki-Finland with 166 passengers is met with water salute. Ekrem Akgul, the general manager of TAV Gazipasa said:

‘’We are happy to present our passengers with scheduled flights again. We started the domestic flights at the beginning of June after the travel ban was lifted. We have smoothly operated since then thanks to our and our shareholders’ safety measures. We received our first international plane recently. We are glad that we have been coordinated by Ministry of Transportation in the pandemic period and grateful to General Directorate of State Airports Authority, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, non-governmental organizations, local government and all our shareholders. We are expecting to increase our international flights in the near future.’’

According to the statement, FinnAir will have reciprocal flights between Gazipasa and Helsinki during summer for once a week. Gazipasa-Alanya Airport is preparing for the season’s first passengers that will be coming from Russia on August 10.

Instructions and signs have been made in the terminal in order to protect the health of the passengers and the airport staff in accordance with the Certification Notice of Airport Pandemic Measures that is posted by General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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