AKO Jant will double the production wheel rims with new investments

According to the statement of AKO Jant, production capability of the company was planned in 2014 within AKO Group and investments of sub-industries; the capability has been increased ever since, thanks to regular investments. AKO Jant produces wheel rims for trucks, buses, trailers, military vehicles and tractors; the company exports to more than 40 countries.

High-tech production

AKO Jant is able to meet the customer demand with high-tech and quality production, design and product development resources; according to the statement, AKO Jant profoundly improved in a short time due to their agreements with leading tire firms. AKO Jant factory is constructed on 120 thousand square meters of area; at that factory, new rim production line was automatically designed and operated in latest technology with 4.5 million dollars of investment in 2018.

‘’ We believe in the production potential of Turkey.’’

Omer Abrekoglu, the AKO Jant factory manager stated that the investments within AKO Rim are still continued steadily even in the uncertain production environment of the pandemic. He said:

‘’ We believe in the production potential of Turkey; hence, we plan to be even more powerful after this pandemic period with our steady investments.

We plan to double the production capability of the factory this year with 5 million dollars of investment; our production lines are operated integrated with robots. The production capabilities of reel slitter, INPDS production monitoring system within Industry 4.0 and robot integrated production lines are increased along with our new disc production line that will be operated in 2021; with all these investments, we plan to double AKO Jant production capability in 2021.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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