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Afyonkarahisar sparkling water exports to 30 countries

The factory founded in İscehisar district of Afyonkarahisar exports 14 kinds of sparkling water to 30 countries.

Marble-cutter Şuayip Demirel, founded the factory in order to make use of mineral water spring near the Avşar stream which is located 3 kilometers away the district; he founded the factory in 2015 in this area.

The factory produces under the brand of Avşar Sparkling Water and sales it’s products to Turkey and abroad.

Mehmet Başpınar, the manager of the facility, said that factory has been producing for nearly 5 years. He continued:

‘’We launched 8 various fruit-flavoured product in January 1, 2016. We penetrated into the market with differently-shaped bottle and different flavours. Our goal was to bring some difference to the industry and we think we managed that.

We are awarded two times in an international organization. We launch at least 2 new products per year by making R&D on raw materials such as black mulberry and mango, Lemon, apple, cherry were the flavours of conventional sparkling waters; we added black mulberry to these and this flavour is now being used by firms that have long been producing in this sector. By R&D operations, we produce different flavoured beverages with fruits that we do not eat constantly yet are curious about.’’

‘’ We do not have any genetically modified products.’’

Başpınar talked about the issue of GMO:

‘’We use hundred percent natural sparkling water and liquefied granulated sugar that we all use in our homes while making our products; thereby all the sugar we use is beet sugar. We definitely do not have any genetically modified products; our fruit flavours and raw materials are all natural.’’

‘’Our exports to 30 countries continue intensely.’’

Başpınar finished his words by mentioning the new products:

‘’Our goal is to make the world meet with İscehisar sparkling water. We export our products to Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, France and USA; we have the most demand from China, Arab countries and Middle East. Our negotiations with Russia still continue. We attend international trade fairs; our brand improves to be a world brand. We launched two new products this year; nectarine with pear and karamiks; they are delicious and different. Karamiks is a natural, black coloured beverage that includes caramel obtained by natural aromas.”

source: AA / translated by bazaar team

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