Abdi Ibrahim continues investments & improvements in the coming period

Dr. Suha Taspolatoglu, the CEO of Abdi Ibrahim talked about his company and it’s innovative studies, he said:

‘’ Abdi Ibrahim has been around for 108 years and with that many years of experience, our company contributes on Turkish medicine sector. Abdi Ibrahim is 100 percent local capital, has over 200 sector brands and more than 450 products; we keep making powerful investments in order to be useful to local economy.’’

Taspolatoglu stated that Abdi Ibrahim, as a health company working for humanity, did not evade any responsibility during the pandemic and said:

‘’Firstly, we maintained the production rate in order not to interrupt the medicines. We obtained chloroquine and phosphate, the active ingredients of primary treatment medicine, with exceptional circumstances from China and India; this treatment is set as primary by our Health Ministry Covid-19 protocol. We produced this medicine and donated a lot to Health Ministry.

We also donated 260 thousand tablets to Kazakhstan, Algeria and Azerbaijan in order to contribute not only to our country but also to world.’’

‘’We maintain our investments.’’

Taspoaltoglu emphasized that the company mobilized it’s powerful R&D and technological foundation to Turkey and he said:

‘’We cooperated with different businesses in the sector and universities in order to fight the pandemic; one of these strategic cooperations is with Noverlfarma. Novelfarma developed a medicine that is appropriate to Covid-19 protocol and has an active ingredient of Favipiravir; we produced this medicine less than a week via our technological foundation and expertise.

We continue our possible operations within the normalization period. We have invested 3 billion liras till this day on Esenyurt Production Complex and we expect this number to be 4 billion as from 2021. We have invested 375 million liras on Sterilised Ophthalmology and Inhalation Production Facility; eye and respiratory productions will be produced there in 2021. We also invested 900 million liras on Turkey’s biggest Sterilised Injectable and Oncology Production Facility; it will start operating in 2021.”

‘’R&D have an important role.’’

Taspolatoglu mentioned that they have many projects related to possible business processes and they have had benefits outweighing the costs regarding R&D. He said:

‘’ The wound dressing is a local discovery of ours and Ege University; it is developed to heal the diabetic feet injuries. We secured the patent in more than 40 countries including Turkey. We are planning on marketing the product globally by the end of 2020.

There is a great global market regarding the wound dressing and we want our fair share from this market via our first of a kind product so that we will be able to make exports that have high added value, it will be higher than the average export value in Turkey which is 1.5-2 dollars for per kilo.’’

Taspolatoglu stated that they continue contributing on Turkish medicine sector and said:

‘’Mole studies holds an important position for our country in order to have a big medicine sector and Abdi Ibrahim regards this issue as a priority; we are developing studies abroad and cooperating with start-up companies. Accordingly, we invested on Ocugen start-up company. We will accelerate our related studies in the near future.”

‘’We expect to reach our carbon neutral goal in 2030.’’

Taspolatoglu stated that Abdi Ibrahim takes sustainability as a priority while operating commerce activities and they integrated sustainability to all their business processes. He said:

‘’We accelerated our sustainability activities this year. We provided electricity to our Esenyurt Production Complex via 100 percent renewable sources at the beginning of the year. We aim at developing such operations and expect to reach our carbon neutral goal in 2030.

This year, we have become signee of many initiatives such as CEO Water Mandate and Science Based Targets. We also are the first Turkish signee of Recover Better notice which is realized by United Nations and the participation of 155 companies. We aim to be a member of global formations defending sustainability such as CDP and RE100 and to have ‘B Corp Certificate’ in the medium term.

Abdi Ibrahim will continue it’s work and contributing to our country, maintain it’s priorities and sectoral mission.”


source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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