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Abandoned farm lands to be improved in Turkey, Azerbaijan & Uzbekistan

Experts from Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held an online meeting in order to talk about the abandonment of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan farm lands and also possible mutual operations that can be done benefit it.

According to the statement of FAO, the abandonment of the farm lands is a mutual problem in Europe and Middle Asia. 2 million hectares of fertile land is not being used or abandoned in Turkey.

FAO will start a new project to reactivate the abandoned farm lands of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan; the project is financed by Turkey Food and Agriculture Association Programme (FTPP II). Along with the prevention of abandonment, the project also aims at land consolidation, rehabilitated land policy, public policy and structural development of agriculture.

Project especially will be useful for the foundation of the land banking in Turkey, capacity development of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, information exchange and cooperation mechanism between countries.

The abandonment of the fertile farmland has negative effects on economics and food safety; it also blocks measure operations for land protection, triggers land degradation in arid regions and makes the agriculture industry more vulnerable from climate changing.

The main reasons for this abandonment problem are separation of lands and the small size of the farms; hence, the resolution of land tenure problem is critically important for ’’Land Degradation Balance’’ and making national contributions within Paris Agreement.

The project will contribute on structural development of farms

The new project will contribute on structural development of farms by easing the farm enlargement and decreasing the land separation.

In this sense, senior managers and experts including Morten Hartvigsen, a landownership expert and Metin Turker, the Deputy Director General of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Agriculture Reform held an online meeting.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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