A new era in Bursa: Megane Sedan production will stop at Oyak Renault by the end of 2022

Megane Sedan production will stop at Oyak Renault by the end of 2022. It is said that even Nissan and Mitsubishi within the Renault Group can be produced in Bursa.

A new era is beginning in Bursa, one of the facilities with the highest production capacity of the Renault Group. Megane Sedan production will stop at the end of 2022 at Oyak Renault Bursa facilities. With the transfer of Megane Sedan production to Karsan, there will be room for new generation vehicles in Bursa. In Bursa, which has become the hybrid production base of the group, it is a matter of curiosity with which models the capacity of Megane Sedan will be filled. It is said that even Nissan and Mitsubishi within the Renault Group can be produced in the factory. We asked these curious questions to Luca de Meo, the name at the top of Renault. Luca de Meo, with whom we spoke at the IAA Mobility Fair in Munich, gave tips on Turkey’s plans. Emphasizing that Turkey has a special place for him, Luca de Meo said: “We are holding a wide-ranging meeting with OYAK to decide how to proceed in this regard. It is very difficult for me to talk about this right now. However, I can say that Turkey is a very important market in terms of filling our industrial system. We are very pleased with the work that has emerged in Bursa.”


Noting that Turkey will continue to play a very important role for the Renault Group in the future, Luca de Meo said, “We have been negotiating for the last 12 months regarding our strategic final decision. We had many meetings during this time to talk about the future of some industrial operations and to make the necessary arrangements. The same is true for Turkey, just as we held meetings with our partners in Russia, Romania, Spain and Morocco.”


Stating that the production of vehicles in the B segment, similar to the Clio, is a scenario under consideration, Meo said, “However, this is only one of the possibilities in our extensive negotiations. Here we need to think of it as parts of a risk game. We can include other countries in these plans. But you know, I love Turkey separately. We have many important projects here. I try my best to do more than hope. To keep Oyak Renault in the system and ensure that it is an important part of his passion for the future.”


Meo continued his words as follows: “As you know, we have a partnership in Bursa. I am not the only one who will decide on this. Yes, there will be a capacity gap in the factory. Of course, SUV production in Turkey is among the options. However, this is not part of the scenario. There are many possibilities on the table.”


Stating that it is possible to export electric cars from Turkey in the future, Meo said, “A big wave of electric cars will come in 2024-2025. First of all, in the electric car manufacturing that I started in France, I need to regularly buy everything from my suppliers and make sure that the production runs smoothly. The only question I will ask myself from now on may be ‘what will be my next step’. That doesn’t mean I’ll have to wait until 2025 to make a decision.”


Oyak Renault, which has an annual production capacity of 378,000 cars and 920,000 engines, currently manufactures and exports Clio, Clio Hybrid and Megane Sedan models, as well as the engines and mechanical parts used in these models. Established in Bursa in 1969, Oyak Renault Automobile Factories employs over 7 thousand people as of the end of 2020.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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