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A new era has begun in zoning and housing plans that concern millions of citizens

According to the breaking news, a new era has begun in zoning plans and housing that concern millions of citizens. As the tax application comes into effect in the valuable residence, the freely determined heights in the zoning plans will be changed by 1 July.

While the tax application in valuable housing comes into effect, the freely determined heights in the zoning plans will be changed by 1 July. Building heights cannot be determined freely in the zoning plans. If the necessary regulation is not made by the relevant administration, the building permit cannot be issued without making changes. With the new regulation, the phrase “h (height) free”, which was often seen in the zoning plans, will no longer be used. Thus, horizontal structuring will be encouraged instead of the vertical structuring frequently mentioned by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


While the government made significant changes in the Zoning Law last year, some regulations are being implemented this year. The liability for the Value Housing Tax started this year. Valuable housing tax, which was declared in February, is paid for “residential properties” located within the borders of Turkey and whose building tax value exceeds ₺5 million in 2020. While the valuation practice is terminated by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, the building tax value determined according to the Property Tax Law is taken as a basis. With the article added to the Zoning Law, the freely determined heights in the plans will be changed by 1 July. All municipalities and administrations will change the “h free” clause by 1 July 2021 with council decisions. Municipalities that do not change will not issue construction permits.


Changes in the zoning plan that increase the height of the building will not be made. Plan changes will be made in accordance with the characteristics of the settlement, provided that they do not disturb the main decisions of the plan, its continuity, integrity, social and technical infrastructure balance and provide technical reasons. In the plan change proposals, a social and technical infrastructure impact assessment report containing the needs analysis will be prepared and submitted to the administration that will approve the plan.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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