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1 billion liras of investment made on Sisecam Polatli Factory in Turkey

According to the statement of Sisecam, the global company continues it’s investment in Turkey in all key areas of business including soda and chromium compounds and in all fields like flat glass, glassware, glass and glass packaging and glass fiber.

Sisecam added a new investment with the second glass furnace that has an annual production capacity of 240 thousand tons to the flat glass factory located in Ankara / Polatli. The company aims to increase its production capacity, especially in the domestic market demand. The new glass furnace, which Sisecam has invested approximately 1 billion liras (130 million dollars), will be started to operate on October 2.

‘’We will continue to contribute on Turkish economy via our investments.’’

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman, the board chairman and the general manager of Sisecam emphasized the importance of the new investment on flat glass market and said:

‘’ We are launching our line with a capacity of 750 tons / day; the line is completed with approximately 1 billion liras of investment and with the prioritization made in order to meet the demand arising from the acceleration in our economy, especially since the end of July. Glass supply has been made in order to meet the needs of the market from other geographies where Sisecam manufactures for the unforeseen demand increase in the context of the global pandemic and despite the increase in exchange rates, prices have not been changed and payment terms have been facilitated to ensure that our businesses are not forced during the pandemic period. Again, starting from this period, we will continue to ship 100 thousand tons of flat glass per month. Therefore, we put into use an important additional capacity in Polatli towards the domestic market in line with our strategic investment plans. “

 Kirman stated that despite uncertain environment caused by pandemic, they uninterruptedly continued the investments and that they continue to create value for the national economy. He also emphasized that the glass furnace investment symbolizes their belief in Turkey’s brighter future.

Pointing out that Sisecam is a global company with its production activities in 4 continents and sales exceeding 150 countries, Kirman said:

‘’ Today, we are among the 3 biggest producers of glassware and 5 biggest glass packaging and flat glass producers. In addition to being the 8th largest soda producer in the world, we are the world leader in chromium chemicals. We are proud of contributing to Turkish economy and employment in the 85 years that have passed since our establishment. We will continue to contribute to the economy of our country and create value for all our stakeholders with our investments in line with our sustainable growth target. “

“We further consolidated our flat glass production leadership in Europe. “

Kirman emphasized that Sisecam has achieved many firsts in the field of flat glass as in all fields of activity and lead the development of flat glass industry in Turkey and in the region. He said:

‘’ Today, we carry out our activities in the field of flat glass under 3 different headings: architectural glass, energy glass and white goods glass; we provide input to important sectors such as construction, furniture, energy and white goods. In our country, we continue our flat glass activities with a total of 4 production facilities located in Bursa, Kırklareli, Mersin and Ankara. Our Polatli factory has become one of Europe’s largest flat glass production bases with an annual production capacity of 540 thousand tons and our new investment. The number of flat glass furnaces in our country has also increased to 8. Our total flat glass production capacity reached 3.4 million tons per year and further consolidated our leadership in Europe in flat glass production. “

Kirman emphasized that the flat glass production plant in Polatli, which is established in 2014, has the largest furnace of Turkey and near geographies with 300 thousand tons of annual capacity. He said:

‘’ We established our flat glass production facility in Polatli with an investment of over 1 billion liras (138 million dollars) and we invested approximately 1 billion liras for the second furnace in the facility, hence; our total investment has exceeded 2 billion liras. “

‘’Employment rate in Polatli facility will increase by 30 percent.’’

Kirman mentioned that Sisecam is one of the greatest industry institutions of Turkey due to the employment rate the factories create. He said:

‘’ With the second furnace investment, which provides a significant capacity increase, the employment at the Polatli facility will be further increased, and the total employment at the facility will reach approximately 300 people with an increase of 30 percent.

We have continued to produce and invest in 2020, during the pandemic period. We fulfilled all our duties regarding the health of our employees, business partners and customers without disrupting our production and services for the basic needs of the society during the pandemic period. We contribute to the fight against the global pandemic thanks to our superior research and technological development competence and our intense production. In the upcoming period, we will take advantage of strategic moves that will increase our efficiency in our current business areas, as well as opportunities in new business areas that will add value to Sisecam.’’

Kirman pointed out that 2020 is an extraordinary year and a historical milestone for Sisecam. He said:

‘’ 2020 is a very important year; we make the necessary planning and preparations for Sisecam to reach its ambitious goals in the new world order after the global pandemic, where nothing will be the same in economic and social terms. In line with our long-term strategies, we are excited to conclude the process we started at the beginning of the year to unite all our activities under a single roof in order to strengthen Sisecam in global competition. The registration process for the merger has been completed as of today. Our only company in the Istanbul Stock Exchange will be Turkish Bottle and Glass Factory Inc. that consolidates within the main subsidiaries as of October 5, 2020.”

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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