$807.5 million export from Trabzon in 9 months

In the first 3 quarters of the year, $807 million 518 thousand were exported from Trabzon to 123 countries.

Saffet Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKIB), announced that Trabzon is among the top 20 cities of Turkey with the highest exports.

Kalyoncu said that Trabzon’s exports increased every month and approached the $1 billion limit. Stating that exports from Trabzon reached $807 million 518 thousand 562 in January and September in the first 9 months of the year, Kalyoncu stated that exports in 27 sectors increased by 2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Stating that the most exported sectors from Trabzon in the 9 months of the year were hazelnuts and their products, fresh fruits and vegetables and aquatic products, Kalyoncu noted that the sectors with the highest exports were the defense industry with an increase of 93% and the automotive industry with an increase of 67%.


Kalyoncu, who stated that exports were made to 123 countries from Trabzon, which realized 52% of the total exports of the Eastern Black Sea Region in January and September, stated that $175 million of exports were made to Italy.

Pointing out that Italy ranks first in provincial exports, with a 12% increase in exports compared to the previous year, Kalyoncu said, “While the Russian Federation is the second most exported country with $129 million, there was a 29% increase in exports to Russia. There was an 86% increase in exports from Trabzon to the People’s Republic of China, the world’s leading export markets, 45% in exports to the USA and 277% in exports to Japan.”

Kalyoncu noted that they expect exports from Trabzon to exceed approximately $1 billion throughout the year.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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