$8.6 billion of automobile exports from Turkey in 11 months

Automotive has a critical share in Turkish exports. The automotive sector, which is the locomotive in Turkey’s exports, provided $8 billion 569 million 359 thousand of foreign exchange inflow from passenger car exports in 11 months.

Export success in automotive continued in 2021 as well. According to the information compiled from the data of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), the automotive industry continues its production and exports despite the chip crisis that started due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Exporting to 108 countries in the January-November period, sector representatives increased their exports compared to 11 months of the previous year. Passenger car manufacturers, which carried exports from $8 billion 490 million 800 thousand to $8 billion 569 million 359 thousand, made the most exports to European countries.

Eight of the top 10 countries to which the sector sends the most products were European countries.

As in previous periods, France took the first place in the list. Sector representatives increased exports to this country by 4% compared to 11 months of the previous year, from $1 billion 419 million 419 thousand to $1 billion 476 million 362 thousand.

Passenger car manufacturers realized 17.22% of the sector’s total exports to France.

Sector representatives exported $786 million 459 thousand to Germany in the second place and $781 million 133 thousand to Italy, which is in the third place.


In the January-November period, the number of countries where automobiles worth more than $100 million were sold from Turkey was 18.

In the 11-month period of the year, after France, Germany and Italy, $759 million 376 thousand exports were made to Spain, $728 million 880 thousand to the United Kingdom, $431 million 286 thousand to Poland, $372 million 643 thousand to Slovenia, $354 million 108 thousand to Egypt, $297 million 778 thousand to Israel, $265 million 400 thousand to Belgium, $264 million 901 thousand to the USA, $228 million 335 thousand to Sweden, $174 million 950 thousand to the Netherlands, $160 million 890 thousand to Morocco, $128 million 672 thousand to Greece, $120 million 894 thousand to Bulgaria, $115 million 32 thousand to Portugal, $108 million 821 thousand to Hungary.

During this period, the sector’s exports to Denmark amounted to $98 million, and to Ireland at the level of $97 million.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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