7/24 international money transfer period started with Western Union in Akbank Mobile

Mehmet Tugal, Deputy General Manager of Akbank Commercial Banking, said, “We have enabled our customers to make transactions more easily and quickly by adding international money transfer and receiving transactions via Western Union to Akbank Mobile.”

Thanks to the new feature introduced to Akbank Mobile, international money transfers can now be made via Western Union without going to a branch.

According to the statement made by Akbank, it is now possible to send or receive money from bank branches and Akbank Internet via Western Union via Akbank Mobile.

With the Western Union money transfer service feature within Akbank Mobil, bank customers will be able to send money safely to more than 500 thousand Western Union service points in more than 200 countries and regions, at any time and any day, as well as easily receive the money received in their account.

Akbank Commercial Banking Deputy General Manager Mehmet Tugal stated that there has been a great increase in the use of mobile channels in banking transactions and that they continue to improve their banking experience in the digital environment by increasing the number of functions in the Akbank Mobile application for customers who prefer to make their financial transactions through the mobile channel.

Tugal said, ‘We enabled our customers to send and receive international money via Western Union to Akbank Mobile, allowing them to make transactions more easily and quickly.’

Stating that it is sufficient to have a current account at Akbank for users to perform Western Union transactions via Akbank Mobile, Tugal stated that anyone who wants to benefit from this transaction can become a bank customer remotely and in a short time.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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