25% price increase to Halk Ekmek in Istanbul

Halk Ekmek products affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) have been increased by 25%. Accordingly, as of tomorrow, the price of normal and whole wheat bread has increased from ₺1 to ₺1.25.

Istanbul Halk Ekmek (IHE) Inc., affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), increased the prices of normal and wholemeal bread by 25%.


With the increase in bread and bakery products by IHE, 250 grams of normal and wholemeal bread increased from ₺1 to ₺1.25, and 500 grams of organic whole wheat bread increased from ₺6 to ₺7, 50 grams of golden buns increased from ₺1 to ₺1.25, 670 grams of toast bread increased from ₺5 to ₺5.75, 1 kilogram of einkorn flour increased from ₺12.5 to ₺14, 1 kilogram of whole wheat flour was increased from ₺7 to ₺8.

In the statement made by the IMM, it was stated that Istanbul Halk Ekmek’s bread prices increased due to the increase in flour prices, which is the main raw material of bread, and other important expenses such as energy, labor and distribution.

Despite the price increase, the statement stated that Halk Ekmek is still the cheapest bread in Turkey and said, “This change has become an inevitable necessity in order to deliver bread to the public in a healthy way and to make it sustainable.”

Istanbul Halk Ekmek Inc. had increased its bread and other bakery products on September 21, 2020 at rates ranging from 33% to 50%.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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