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2023 ‘certified seed’ export target is $ 320 million: Konya Commodity Exchange

Turkey’s export revenue of “certified seed” in 2023 is estimated at $ 320 million thanks to the seed law and new regulations passed in 2006 to increase the quality of the seed, the main raw material of agriculture.

Certified seed studies made by agricultural stakeholders and universities in Turkey in order to produce local and quality seeds have gained significant momentum in the last 14 years.

In order for the farmer to buy better quality products from the field, the certified seed export revenue obtained within the scope of the seed law enacted in 2006 increased from 17 million dollars to 200 million dollars.

40 percent of certified seed production, covering both hybrid and field crops is carried out at Konya Plain, the breadbasket of Turkey.

Huseyin Cevik the Chairman of Konya Commodity Exchange stated that the most important factor in agriculture is seed. Reminding that approximately 30 percent of the field crops fell into the “forage product” status before the 2000s in the agricultural industry sector due to being poor in terms of quality, Cevik said:

‘’ This situation meant that our farmers’ one-year labor was wasted. However, within the scope of the seed law enacted in 2006. In order to produce quality seeds, studies have started with the agricultural faculties of universities and sector stakeholders dealing with agriculture in the free market conditions.’’

Cevik pointed out that certified seed sector was realized within these studies. Emphasizing that the farmer was supported with 8.5 liras for per decare to use certified seeds, he said:

‘’If we look at the point we have reached today, our certified seed export revenue, which was about $17 million, is between $180 and $200 million. The most important reason for this is the scientific studies to determine which seed is more suitable for growing in which region, together with universities. The Konya Plain makes 40 percent of this production in certified seed growing, which includes both hybrid and field crops.’’

“Certified seed” production approached 1 million 200 thousand tons in Turkey

Cevik explained that the production of quality seeds significantly reduced the rate of poor-quality wheat reserved for animal feed. He emphasized that the rate of certified seed usage in agricultural production has increased day by day, and said:

‘’About 110 thousand tons of certified wheat and barley were grown in our country by General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) in 2002-2003, this quantity is approximately 1 million 200 thousand tons today with the contribution of the seed growing law. Our goal is to increase Turkey’s certified seed production to 2 million tons and export revenue to $320 million by 2023. 85 percent of this goal is wanted to be achieved with field crops. This raises the added value of the products that our country has worked for.’’

29 thousand farmers use certified seeds in Konya region

Cevik stated that 480 thousand tons of certified wheat seeds and around 180-200 thousand tons of certified barley seeds were produced throughout the country, and in this context, 29 thousand farmers in the Konya region use certified seeds in production.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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