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2022 rent increase rate: The increase in rents in January has been announced

The rent increase rate, which is called WPI-CPI, has been announced by the public, with new figures! In 2022, the new figures with the increase in rents starting from January became clear. 2022 housing rent increase rate hike figures have been announced. TURKSTAT announced the data, the amount to be increased for rents has been determined. Increases in important items throughout Turkey continue in 2022. In the first month of the new year, dozens of items, especially the rent increase rate, started the year with an increase. Citizens are uncomfortable with the price hikes. We entered the first month of an unpleasant year due to both food items and public transportation, bridge and highway price hikes. The rent increase will be calculated as 19.60% in January until the next year, January 2023, and can be applied to rental contracts.

The month of January has started, which once again pleases the landlords and makes the tenants think broodingly. The critical period has begun for those who will increase their rent in January 2022 and renew their lease. Tenants and landlords, who will renew their lease between January 1-30, learned how to calculate the incremental increase rate that they will apply to rents between January 1-30 in 2023. Rental increase rate January 2022 figures have been announced.

There is a significant difference between the inflation felt in all metropolitan cities and small provinces and the inflation reflected in the figures. Citizens are almost crushed by the price hikes in real life. The first inflation figures of 2022 are coming, from electricity to natural gas, from bridge tolls to Eurasia tunnel tolls, from minibuses to buses and public transportation.


While the discomfort caused by the exorbitant increase in housing rents in 2021 continued, January 2022, the month of rental contract renewal, started with trouble on the part of the tenants. The high rent increase rate makes the tenant think. For homeowners, the situation is the opposite. The property of the landlord, whose property is valued financially and whose rent is increasing day by day, has gained value overvalue. Compassionate landlords, on the other hand, find the middle way in order not to upset their tenants, and keep the lease renewal process at a reasonable level with the consent of both parties.


The critical day for landlords and tenants has started as of January 3, 2022. Tenants and landlords, who will renew their lease until the end of the month, will be able to add the figures announced by Turkstat this morning to the contracts. On the third working day of each month, the inflation figures of the previous month are announced by TURKSTAT, and the rent increase rate calculation is determined. December 2021 inflation was announced this morning. Thus, the data, which is the twelve-month average figure written on the contracts as CPI, is added to the lease contracts. You can see this figure below.


Landlords and tenants, who will renew their lease in January 2022, will be able to write the rental increase rates determined today for 12 months (one year) until the end of January 2023. This figure is determined based on the CPI data included in the December 2021 inflation figures of TURKSTAT.

Consumer price index (CPI) increased by 36.08% annually and 13.58% monthly

CPI (2003=100) increased by 13.58% in December 2021 compared to the previous month, by 36.08% compared to December of the previous year, and by 36.08% compared to the same month of the previous year, and an increase of 19.60% compared to the twelve-month averages.

Source: Emlakpencerem / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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