$ 20 million of pomegranate exports were made by the Western Mediterranean Exporters in Jan-Oct period

$ 20 million 180 thousand of pomegranate was exported from the Western Mediterranean Region in the January-October period.

Antalya, where about 25 percent of the total Turkish pomegranate production is made, the pomegranate harvest continues. Pomegranate, which is produced on an area of ​​approximately 55 thousand 500 decares, is collected and classified according to the size. Packaged separately for domestic and foreign markets, the pomegranates are transported to cold storage. Those that are not offered to the market are directed to factories for fruit juice.

According to the data of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union, which includes Antalya, Isparta and Burdur, $ 20 million 180 thousand of pomegranate was exported from the region, mostly from Antalya, in January- October period.

Pomegranate exports were carried out throughout the year, except for June and July. According to this, $ 6 million 200 thousand 656 of pomegranate exports were made in January, while $ 4 million 792 thousand 223 in February, $ 1 million 736 thousand 133 in March, $ 345 thousand 103 in April, $ 19 thousand 311 in May, $ 27 thousand 972 in August, $ 967 thousand 225 in September and $ 6 million 91 thousand 376 in October.

‘’Pomegranate production increased by 5 percent.’’

Gokhan Karaca, the Director of Agriculture and Forestry of Antalya stated that 559 thousand 171 tons of pomegranates produced in an area of 285 thousand 253 decares across Turkey in 2019.

Pointing out that 130 thousand 31 tons of pomegranate is produced in an area of ​​55 thousand 500 decares in the agricultural city of Antalya, Karaca said:

‘’The harvest period continues this year. We expect an increase of around 5 percent in production compared to last year.’’

‘’Price varies according to size.’’

Nazif Alp, the President of Antalya Chamber of Agriculture stated that the pomegranate harvest was carried out in October and November. Emphasizing that pomegranate finds buyers while in the branch, Alp said:

‘’ Dosemealti pomegranate is especially preferred. 60 to 120 kilograms of pomegranate is purchased while in the tree according to its yield. The price of pomegranate varies according to its size and market situation. Suluk pomegranate finds buyers between 75 cents and 1 lira, while the exported pomegranate finds its place in the market between 2 liras 40 cents and 2 liras 60 cents.’’

Stating that 15 percent of the farmers in Antalya have pomegranates in their gardens, Alp noted that this year the pomegranate yield is more than last year and that is pleasing for both producers and consumers.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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