$150 billion industry met at CNR Rubber and Plastic Fair

The rubber and plastic industry, which has reached a size of approximately $150 billion in the world, is coming together at the K+ Rubber and Plastics Fair. The fair hosts more than 300 brands from 30 sectors. Thousands of international industry professionals hold bilateral business meetings at the K+ Rubber Fair.

The meeting of the global rubber and plastics industry in Turkey, K+ Rubber and Plastics Fair started to host its visitors at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center. The fair, which will host international sector professionals until October 23, is organized by the cooperation of Pozitif Fairs and Rubber Association, one of the CNR Holding companies. In the fair, where all product groups and technologies such as sealing, machinery, white goods, automotive, footwear sub-industry products and machinery are exhibited, different events are also organized where the latest developments and innovations in the sector are discussed.


At the fair, which brings together the automotive industry, automotive sub-industry, white goods industry, shoe industry, mining industry, construction machinery industry and building construction industry under one roof, thousands of industry professionals make new business connections with domestic and foreign agriculture, elevator and escalator, construction machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic, mining, iron and steel, white goods, on-vehicle equipment companies.


CNR Holding Marketing Group President Mert Kaan Duman said that they brought together more than 300 brands from 30 sectors in an area of 20 thousand square meters. “At K+ Rubber and Plastics Fair, we are bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters operating in sectors such as automotive, plastic, rubber, chemistry, machinery, construction, textile, electricity and electronics. We are hosting thousands of buyers from Europe, North Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle and Far East, as well as domestic buyers, to our fair, where important business deals will take place.”

Mentioning that the Turkish rubber industry will grow much more if it joins forces, Ozcan Dogu Kaya, Vice Chairman of the Board of IKMIB, stated that the industry, which exports $3.2 billion, achieved 38% growth. Kaya said, “This is a very important figure. I have full faith that the number of participants in the next fair will increase even more. We have important works for this as well. We will share it with the whole industry very soon.”


Expressing that he is proud of the fair, which has reached a very important size since 2004, Rubber Association President Fahriye Yuksel said, “In such a pandemic period, the increasing raw material prices have increased considerably. Despite this, we have achieved a continuous increase in our growth momentum. In addition, we are bringing an educational institution to the Turkish rubber and plastics industry to provide an educated workforce. These educated young people will move our industry forward.”

Rubber Association Honorary President Nurhan Kaya said, “I would like to thank CNR Holding for the added value to the industry. Organizing this fair at such a time is very important. CNR management and Rubber Association have done a very important job. It is a fair where all the stakeholders in the sector meet and should pass in a festive mood. I’m so excited. I wish all the participants to have a fruitful and fruitful exhibition with lots of customers.”

While the $150 billion global rubber and plastic industry is represented at the fair with its giant brands, the Turkish rubber and plastics industry, which ranks 7th in the world market and 2nd in Europe, aims to add new markets to its exports at the fair. Bringing together the raw materials needed by almost all industrial branches producing under one roof, K+ Rubber and Plastics Fair also contributes greatly to international brand awareness by increasing the visibility of companies.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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