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15 Districts with the Highest Increase in Rental Prices in the Last 1 Year in Mega-City Istanbul

(The content is based on the current Index data.)

15. Atasehir

In Atasehir, where the annual change rate is 12.64%, the monthly rent of the houses is calculated as ₺1.697 Considering that Atasehir is growing day by day, we can say that it is not very surprising…

14. Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece, which shows an increase of 12.85%, is among the districts that have achieved a high increase, although it is not very close to the city center. We were a little surprised that the average monthly rent was ₺1.776. Wherever you look, it is far from the city center, but with each passing day, transportation options are increasing.

13. Maltepe

Maltepe, which is one of the most beautiful districts of the Anatolian side with both affordable prices and seaside, also increased by 13.06% during the year. In Maltepe, where the average square meter rental price is ₺16, the monthly rent of a house is in the range of ₺1.595. This increase seemed normal to us as it was not considered far away.

12. Catalca

This one was surprising. Catalca, which is located at one end of Istanbul or even outside of it, showed an increase of 13.43% during the year. One inevitably questions this district close to Tekirdag. The rent of an average house is ₺870, it is actually cheap.

11. Kadikoy

It is normal that Kadikoy, which is among the districts where most of us want to live, should not increase in value during the year. It seems that it is getting harder day by day to reach Kadikoy, which is experiencing an increase of 13.52% because the average monthly rent is ₺2,804.

10. Sultangazi

Sultangazi, which we could not fully discover why, showed a surplus of 13.89% in a year. We were surprised that it even passed Kadikoy. If you want to move there, the average monthly rent is in the range of ₺1.164.

9. Cekmekoy

Cekmekoy, where luxury houses are built every day and expanding to the right, left, back and front, also showed an increase of 15.4%. Istanbul residents may understand the value of Cekmekoy. The monthly rent is in the range of ₺1.133.

8. Arnavutkoy

There was an increase in demand with the opening of the New Airport because Arnavutkoy has increased by 16% during the year. Despite this increase, the average rent is quite cheap. It is in the range of ₺971.

7. Buyukcekmece

Buyukcekmece, which is also ahead of Beylikduzu, has coast to both the lake and the sea. Wherever you look, it is a very good district, but a little far. But with the pandemic, people wanted to escape from the city, so that Buyukcekmece has changed by 19% in 1 year. If you think that you can take care of a house right now, the monthly rent is around ₺1,836 on average.

6. Basaksehir

We can call it a site wherever you look in Basaksehir, which develops and grows day by day. With a change of 19.67%, it is also a little normal that it entered the list from highs. The monthly average rent is around ₺2.370, we are not surprised that it is a luxurious place anyway.

5. Esenyurt

Esenyurt is a huge place. Esenyurt, which spread between Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir completely and left no empty space, experienced a change of 20.11% during the year. Average rental price is still affordable, just ₺1,454.

4. Avcilar

Again, the escape from the city center must have started. Avcılar, which is almost the last stop of the Metrobus, has changed by 20.29% in a year. Average monthly rent in Avcılar is around ₺1,655.

3. Princes’ Islands

Here we are not surprised at all because all Istanbul residents want to live in such a beautiful place. In fact, the most livable place in Istanbul can be Prince’ Islands. Everyone must have thought like us that the Princes’ Islands have experienced a change of 20.6% in 1 year. Monthly rent is one click higher than others, ₺2.533.

2. Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is almost a rising star. Because it has grown and become more expensive by experiencing a change of 21.62% in 1 year. You will be even more surprised when you hear about the rental price. Because the monthly rental price is around ₺2.018.

1. Sile

Yes, we were also very surprised, but Sile is the district with the highest rental price in 1 year. With a change of 21.84%, the average monthly rent was ₺1,646.

Source: Onedio / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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