$107 million export to 83 countries from the flower sector

Despite the new type of coronavirus, Turkey exported approximately $107 million worth of flowers to 83 countries, and the export target of the sector for 2021 was determined as ₺125 million.

The flowers, which are produced on an area of approximately 55 thousand decares throughout the country, are sold both to the domestic market and abroad throughout the year, especially on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Women’s and Mother’s Day.

According to the data of the Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters’ Association, which includes the export of cut flowers, indoor, outdoor plants, flower bulbs, and wreaths, 505 million branches of flowers were sold abroad last year, mostly carnations.

Ismail Yilmaz, Chairman of the Board of Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters’ Association, said to the AA reporter that they started 2020 badly due to the epidemic, but made pleasing shipments in June.

Explaining that the intensity of export continued in July and August, Yilmaz stated that at the end of the year, they faced an export figure far from the pessimistic picture.

Stating that the sector ended the year happily despite the epidemic, Yilmaz said, “Actually, our goal was higher, but the number we have reached in the face of a global problem that affected the world like an epidemic is extremely pleasing.”

Emphasizing that the companies producing cut flowers on the export side finished the year at a better point, Yilmaz noted that the companies producing for the domestic market had a more difficult year.

“Turkey closed the gap in rival countries”

Yilmaz stated that the increase in foreign sales in June was due to the loss of production in rival countries, and added saying:

“Countries like Spain and Italy could not make planting during the epidemic process. They experienced the epidemic more severely and fought harder. We were able to plant by taking the necessary precautions with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior. Apart from that, due to the decrease in the number of planes in some countries, not many flowers came to Europe and those who came paid very high fees. Turkey closed the gap in rival countries. These two factors played an important role in the increase of shipments. $107 million worth of flowers were shipped to 83 countries. The largest market was the Netherlands. The Netherlands was followed by England, Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria. We did not have any significant loss in exports compared to last year. In this process, we passed the test as a country. The fact that our exports are at last year’s figures shows that the measures taken were extremely successful.”

The flower sector is hopeful for 2021

Explaining that they are hopeful for this year, Yilmaz said, “We believe that we will achieve the target of $125 million we set last year in 2021.”

Stating that there is an export of approximately $22 billion in the world in ornamental plants and Turkey can only get 7 per thousand of this share, Yilmaz said that they are working to increase their market share even more.

Mentioning that Turkey’s exports are based on carnations, Yilmaz stated that the companies that manufacture especially for outdoor plants also want to develop their export network.

Expressing that they have finished their new year shipments for this year and that the sector is getting ready for Valentine’s Day on February 14, Yilmaz stated that they will continue their planting activities for International Women’s Day and the British Mother’s Day.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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