$1 million investment to Midas, a new generation investment application from Deniz Ventures

Established by DenizBank to support the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey, Deniz Ventures invested $1 million in the Midas application, which provides easy and commission-free investment in Turkish and US stocks.

According to the statement made by DenizBank, Midas, which was established with the aim of making equity investments accessible and fair, provides the opportunity to trade without commission up to a certain volume in Turkish stocks and with a low fixed fee with no limit for US stocks. As the ‘first’ and ‘only’ brokerage house in Turkey, Midas also offers US guaranteed $500 thousand insurance opportunity in its overseas accounts and free live data broadcasting from US stock exchanges.

DenizBank Digital Generation Banking and Deniz Aquarium Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Group Manager Gurhan Cam stated that they consider supporting the entrepreneurship environment in the country as their priority, with the awareness that the era we live in is built on the understanding of the ecosystem.

Emphasizing that DenizBank is a bank that carries innovation in its DNA since the day it was founded and pioneers the sector in technology, Cam said:

“Finally, with the approval of the Capital Markets Board, we established our Deniz Ventures investment fund to support our innovation and entrepreneurship efforts 360 degrees. Under this roof, we aim to contribute to the development of both our institution and the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Turkey. We are very confident in the entrepreneurship potential in our country. The dream of supporting this potential that will export to the whole world, especially after the global epidemic, excites us. We are happy to make our first investment with Midas. In the upcoming period, we will continue our end-to-end efforts to support a startup to come to life from an idea, grow and open up to the world.”

Midas Senior Manager (CEO) Egem Eraslan stated that they aim for the safest investment experience with the cooperation of Deniz Ventures and DenizBank, and said, ‘This investment was a big step for Midas, aiming for security at bank standards. We provide account insurance for all our users in both Turkey and the USA. Thanks to our cooperation with DenizBank, we took security one step further.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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