₺100 million new investment in Bolu from German glass company SCHOTT

The foundation has been laid for the new production facility to be built by the German-based glass company SCHOTT in Bolu with an investment of ₺100 million.

The glass company SCHOTT, operating in 34 countries around the world with 137 years of experience, 16,500 employees and 40 factories, continues its investments in Turkey.

The foundation has been laid for the new factory of the company, which is one of the world’s leading companies in quality glass and has been continuing its activities in Turkey since 1989, in Bolu with an investment of ₺100 million.

Exporting products from Turkey to 20 countries in 4 continents, the company produces flat glass for the white goods sector with its Bolu and Tekirdag Cerkezkoy factories.

In the new production facility of SCHOTT, which will operate in a closed area of 20 thousand square meters in Bolu, high value-added glass will be produced, mainly oven, cooker, hood and refrigerator front glass.

The company will create new employment opportunities with the facility and contribute to the Turkish economy with products to be exported abroad.

“Our investment and infrastructure works continue”

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, General Manager of SCHOTT Orim, Hakan Gerdan, stated that the company, which was founded in 1884, trusts Turkey and its employees very much. Noting that they regularly continue their investments in Turkey with the confidence they have in Turkey, Gerdan said, “Since the day we started operating in Turkey, we have been working to make the lives of both producers and consumers easier with the innovative products we have produced, and we have contributed to the success of our customers. SCHOTT Turkey is in the top 10 in the tax ranking announced in its region every year. Last year, we achieved a turnover of €60 million. This year, we will increase our turnover even more.”

Stating that they will increase their production capacity in Bolu by 50% and their total production capacity in Turkey by approximately 25% with the new factory, Gerdan said, “With our new factory, which will create new employment, the number of our employees, which is currently 700, will increase to 1,000. Our investment and infrastructure works continue to meet the demands and increasing demands of our customers. We are also investing in Industry 4.0 and digitalization infrastructure in our new factory. I wish that our new factory, which we aim to put into service in January 2022, will be beneficial for Bolu and our country.”

Mentioning the company’s R&D studies and leading technologies in the world, Gerdan continued his words as follows:

“SCHOTT has invested a record €320 million in the world in 2020. An investment of €350 million is planned for this year. SCHOTT, a technology company with over 600 scientists and over 3,000 patents, is the supplier of 90% of approved vaccine ampoules globally during the pandemic period. We are also proud of this contribution we have made to human health during this difficult pandemic period we are going through. In addition, foldable glass, one of the most important trends of the last period in smartphones, is also one of our products that we are proud of.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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