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₺ 5 million of contribution to the development of Van tourism

The ferry used in transportation in Lake Van will be transformed into a hotel and brought to tourism with the project accepted within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s 2020 Social Development Support Program (SOGEP).

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in DAKA for the project, Edremit Mayor Ismail Say noted that it would be an important and meaningful work for both the region and the Van Lake Basin. Emphasizing that Edremit has been carrying out important works to make the city a tourism centre, Say said:

‘’We had a dream. We wanted to work on the development of the district in every field. We said that there should be a joint project that will include Lake Van. Here, on the one hand, students will come and receive education, on the other hand there will be a hotel. It will also contribute to employment. Most of the earnings from the project will be used in social projects and youth education. ‘’

Say, thanking the Ministries of Transport, Industry and Technology, the Port Department and DAKA for supporting the project, said:

‘’ With the protocol we signed today, we will soon start restoration and implementation work. Around 100 university students will be able to receive internships. 30 high school students will receive education here in a sustainable way. In a sense, it will be a school, an education home that will train the tourism professionals of the future. ‘’

‘’ Its contribution to tourism will be great.’’

Halil İbrahim Guray, General Secretary of DAKA emphasized that the project in question has many meanings for the city and will make a great contribution to tourism. Expressing that they are happy to realize an important project with both the social entrepreneurship model and the added value it will add to the region, Guray said

‘’ The budget of our project is ₺ 5 million 306 thousand 822. We will finance about 2 million liras of it. A ferry used in transportation in Lake Van will soon be transformed into a nice hotel within the scope of our project. It is also an important project in terms of social entrepreneurship. Our municipality has developed a system that we can call zero waste. Thus, the ship will not leave any waste to Lake Van. ‘’

After the speeches, the protocol of the project was signed.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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